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Tigers Global Logistics And Gravity Create Model for Overcoming 3PL Tech Obstacles

We’ve been devoting space in this blog to examining the factors behind the widening 3PL Technology Gap. Now, let’s take a look at how one 3PL will use the Gravity Supply Chain Solution apps to close that gap. I’m excited to announce that Tigers Global Logistics, an $800 million (USD) Hong Kong-based global logistics and transportation company, is deploying us to deliver next generation supply chain visibility to its customers. Tigers will leverage Gravity Supply Chain to provide its customer base with detailed and actionable insights into supplier's, shipments and inventory anywhere in the world, 24/7.

Tiger Global Logistics Cooperate with Gravity Supply Chain for supply chain visibility


Eliminating Supply Chain Visibility Obstacles

Our cloud based platform complements Tigers’ bespoke global supply chain solutions, e-fulfillment, and air, sea and road transportation services. Tigers’ multinational operation includes more than 60 offices spread out across five continents, and our platform will enable Tigers to connect its customers’ global physical supply networks and their global information supply network. This end-to-end visibility will enable Tigers’ customers to synchronize all of their partners involved with bringing their goods to market, no matter where they are in the world.

Tigers CIO Mark Gatenby says the demand for 3PLs to provide traditional transactional services is slowing. Freight has become a commodity, and margins are slipping across the industry. These factors all signaled to Tigers that waiting to make the shift to providing what he calls transformational technologies would put the company at a competitive disadvantage.

“Our customers are increasingly looking to us to provide them with the technologies and services they need to overcome their supply chain visibility obstacles,” he added. “We will be able to enhance their execution based capabilities; make meaningful use of descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics; and eliminate silos through integration. Partnering with Gravity Supply Chain Solutions enables us to meet our customers’ demands, and relieves us of spending the significant amounts of time and money we would have to devote to building these solutions in-house.”

Bringing SCM Into The 21st Century

We combine the latest in cloud, big data analysis and mobile technologies to enable 3PLs to overcome supply chain technology gap, obstacles, so allowing us to offer a suite of easy-to-use cloud based apps that get built for today’s mobile and “always-on” workforce. Tigers customers will be able to manage ‘Purchase Order to Distribution Center’ activities anywhere in the world.

The fact Tigers have selected us to advance its position in a highly competitive industry is a significant milestone for us. We’ve secured our standing as a next generation supply chain software provider that can support global 3PLs worldwide in their efforts to go beyond providing tactical services and become a true strategic business partner. To learn more about Tigers, visit

To learn how you can overcome your 3PL tech obstacles, download our new white paper “How to Close the 3rd Party Logistics Technology Gap” here.Read the white paper on how to close the 3PL technology gap


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