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The Curse of Outdated Supply Chain Technologies

Outdated technology is holding workers back

Why are our experiences with the technologies we use for our personal lives so much better than those we use while at work? Smartphones have changed how we access and share information. Our personal data - from credit card numbers and health care records to family photos and music increasingly “live” in the cloud. Yet at work, supply chain managers still rely on too many outdated, labor and time-intensive manual processes. And it appears they’re not alone.

Supply Chain Digital recently posted an interesting article on new research that shows 85 percent of the UK’s office workers believe they would be able to perform their duties more efficiently if their workplace was equipped with better technology.

The article, Outdated technology is holding UK workers back examines the findings of a new survey by cloud-based expense management provider webexpenses. Among the other key findings:

  • 26 percent of office workers wish they had better IT systems at work
  • 16 percent admitted that the technology they use at home is far superior to that provided by their employer
  • 14 percent said their company’s reliance on arduous paper based processes was a key source of frustration


Transforming supply chain management and the way we work

Our suite of apps transforms supply chain management and the way that supply chain managers work. We like to say that Gravity is the creator of a suite of cloud-based apps that help companies manage their supply chains, not their spreadsheets.

The web expenses survey also discovered that UK office workers find their colleagues moaning to be the biggest annoyance, and almost as many call their colleagues too loud and disruptive.

We can’t assist you with those frustrations, but we can help you say “goodbye” to paper-based processes and workflows.

The article reveals a number of other interesting, and amusing, statistics about everyday office life. Check it out, and whether or not you’re in the UK, do you agree with the findings and have any new frustrations of your own to add to the list?

If you would like to learn more about how Gravity can help improve the way your team is managing their supply chain .

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