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Route To Market: Instantly Access the World's Sailing Schedules

There are few tasks more time-consuming than researching and booking the best sailing route.

Gravity's Route to Market (RTM) feature can help you make smarter, and faster shipping decisions so you can start saving time and money for your business.  

Route to Market (Video Transcript)

Manual, laborious, and time-consuming tasks take precious resources away from your ability to serve customers and grow your business. Few tasks are more tedious than looking up sailing schedules across hundreds of carriers and continually updating a consolidated list of freight rates. That's why Gravity has developed the Route to Market tile. It collects sailing data from across carriers, ports, and ocean container search engines so that you can make smarter shipping decisions and bookings faster. In this video, I'm going to show you how easy it is to use.


To get started, I'm going to access my tile drawer, and under the Transport app, choose the Route to Market tile so it now appears on my dashboard. I'll drill down into the tile to start the search.

Let's say we're trying to ship an order of wooden shoes from Yantian, China, to Rotterdam in the Netherlands, and we know that the shipment will be ready to depart sometime between March, 20 and April, 3. I'll fill in my departure date range here. You can also enter arrival dates as well by clicking this button. Then I'll fill in my port of loading and destination port here.

If you have a transshipment, you can enter that here using the drop-down. Additional filters can get added to your search by clicking this filter button and choosing a specific carrier, service, vessel, or voyage.

Click the 'Show Routes' button, and RTM will provide you with the most up-to-date, accurate sailing schedules available from 100 major carriers, 200,000 port pairs, and 12 million voyages on the left side of the screen. Now that you can see all of the schedules, use the Sort function to understand the best schedules to fit your needs quickly.

For example, if your priority is to ship your wooden shoes at the shortest time possible, you'll want to see the schedule with the shortest transit time. If cost is your priority, sort by the lowest cost. Sorting by carrier reliability is also a feature that we will be rolling out later this year.

Let's say we want the schedule with the lowest cost. Choose a route, and the map will visualize each leg of the sailing schedule. Clicking on a location point will show further details about that leg of the shipment such as the POL, the POD, estimated arrivals, and departures. Once you've chosen a sailing schedule, you can make a booking directly within the same Gravity platform by accessing the 3PL shipment booking tile. It's that simple.

Route to Market allows you to make smarter and faster shipping decisions by reducing your time spent on manual processes so that you can focus on adding value to your customers and growing your business.

Contact us today so that we can give you a personalized demo of the platform.

Download the RTM information sheet to learn more. Or let us show you in a one-on-one demo how easily you can integrate RTM into your existing processes to achieving one point of view to execute your end-to-end operations.

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