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In Today's Supply Chain, If It's Not Real Time It's Out-of-Date

There is so much real time data surrounding us in our daily lives. Wherever we are, and whatever the time, we are enriched with all manner of alerts, messages, tweets, and the likes, instantly telling us what's going on.

Real Time Data Is Everywhere Except In Supply Chains

Google feeds automobile drivers real time data on traffic congestion offering them ways to avoid it. Train travel apps help commuters prepare for their journeys to work and weather apps help people choose the appropriate attire for the day.

Real time data is everywhere around us. Except, it would seem, in our supply chains.


If It's Not Real Time, It's Out-Of-Date

How many times have you walked into an office or a warehouse and seen time-lapsed data on display? In conference rooms, or on the walls via notice boards, you'll commonly see statistics reporting on performance, progress or costs; but often these are weeks or even months out-of-date. Think back to the last review meeting where data got examined in hard copy reports, telling everyone what happened in the previous month, or last quarter. Everything is viewed in the past, which can’t be changed or proactively managed.

Even users analyzing spreadsheets that got extracted from internal ERP systems are still not in real time, and what’s more, their systems don’t connect with their global supply networks.

Introducing magNET-T™

Well, Gravity Supply Chain Solutions has created a unique technology called magNET-T™ that disrupts this industry-wide way of working and propels users into the modern era of 24/7 digitization.

In short, magNET-T™ is what the Gravity Apps get built on; it accelerates and streamlines the collation, analysis, and distribution of real time data, which is revolutionizing the information flow in global logistics and supply networks.

With magNET-T™ a user no longer has to work with data that’s a few hours old, they can now get it in seconds.

magNET-T™ uses Web APIs, AI Bots and proprietary algorithms to unlock and gather data that gets scattered across not just an organization’s immediate supply chain, but also throughout the multiple tiers that support it. It also collects what is happening in the world around us; the latest weather, labor strikes, the impact of natural disasters and so on, providing instant awareness of potential supply chain disruption.

What’s more, magNET-T™ is collaborative based, so it not only lets you know what is going on in your supply chain but also in that of your partners, their partners and indeed, everyone involved.

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