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Inspiring Tomorrow’s Supply Chains, Today

Dynamic Retail Supply Chain Management Solutions

Today we are officially announcing the launch of our new website, brand identity and tagline, “Inspiring tomorrow’s supply chains, today.”

Our brand redesign as well as the launch of our new website are the first steps in a rebranding campaign to let those involved in retail and ecommerce supply chain management know that Gravity’s focus is on inspiring businesses to evolve their supply chains meeting the needs of the digital consumer. As experts in supply chain and technology, we use software to transform supply chains into digital supply networks. Uniting not just physical flows of products and services, but also talent, information and finance. We allow people and data – as well as materials, product and supplies – to travel together across the extended enterprise.

At Gravity we have built our company around one powerful mission – to provide innovative technology to help those involved in the movement of goods, information and cash transform their business and empower them to meet the needs of the 24/7 digital customer.


Ecommerce Logistics Software That Caters to Changing Consumer Trends

We know the way consumers are shopping is changing. Consumer expectations, shaped by the internet and refined through constant social interactions are continually shifting and so are their habits. The 24/7 digital customer know what they want, when they want it, how they want it. Sometimes they want their product shipped to their home. Sometimes they want to pick it up at a store or on the journey home from a railway station locker. The key to meeting this new behavior is the common element of all products – the supply chain.

We are forging a new way of managing complex ecommerce and global retail supply chains. With our integrated suite of software solutions, retailers, brands, manufacturers and distributors, can manage their supply chain from product concept to commerce with unprecedented visibility, insights and flexibility – while operating rapidly and at scale. All enabled by big data, analytic, mobility and social media functions.

Whether your strategic goal is to achieve a better visibility in your retail supply chain or optimize the flow of your supplies and products our software experts at Gravity can help find a solution. Contact ushere to request a demo and see our Gravity apps in action.


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