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Gravity Transport App Provides Real Time Shipping Schedules

Gravity RTM

When a shipper asks its 3PL to create a sailing schedule, they are making a simple request. All too often, however, determining schedules, transit times and costs, requires laboriously searching through shipping lines’ websites, and managing several email strings, making that request a frustrating and arduous exercise.

Confusion often reigns, and 3PLs have to collate all the information on huge spreadsheets that are prone to error, while resources are stretched just to keep up with the ever-changing data.

Why can’t 3PLs enjoy the convenience of one portal to access a comprehensive real time shipping schedule?

I’m glad you asked!

Today we are announcing the release of RTM (Route-to-Market), a new feature of our Transport app that does just that.

Determine the sailing schedule, times and costs requires laboriously search

Transport RTM

First, RTM is a smarter way to search. It provides up to date sailing schedules for over 50 major ocean carriers, and over 200,000 port pairs covering over 90 percent of the world’s container capacity.

RTM actively searches for sailing schedules at the time you search. Results get delivered on-demand, and you can get instant feedback on schedule detail, and reliability — all displayed in real time, in a dedicated tile in the Transport app’s dashboard, as seen below.

Route to Market Sailing Schedule Search Engine

Comparison Shopping

RTM enables a 3PL to use its sailing schedules search engine to select any global port pair, and date range and instantly see every sailing option. Uploading the details of contracted rates with your shipping lines enables you to create a list of routes that you can then filter by factors such as quickest sailing route, and best cost; and it's not just the carriers under contract that are included in search results either!  You will have access to sailing schedules for carriers not under contract as well. After all, the more information you have, the better your decision-making. Slower sailing that’s less expensive may be the best option if the timing isn’t pressing.

Close The 3PL Tech Gap

As mentioned in a recent post “How 3PLs Can Overcome Supply Chain Technology Gap Obstacles”, shippers are struggling to overcome their supply chain visibility obstacles. They're looking to their 3PLs to provide the necessary technologies and services, and technology is now a key competitive differentiator.

For more information on how RTM can help close the 3PL Technology Gap, please visit Try Gravity to sign up for a 20-minute demo.

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