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Gravity Supply Chain Software Expands Its Operations To Australia

The Supply Chain Software Developer Expands Its Global Footprint

Statistics show that the most challenging and difficult time for any start-up company is its first year. Fortune has reported that a primary reason start-ups fail is due to “a lack of a market need for their products.” So, we believe the fact that we’re beginning our second year by opening a new office in Australia, demonstrates two keys that will help drive our growth in the supply chain software industry; we have identified an issue common among supply chain managers worldwide, and we have developed a suite of apps that can help them modernize their operations.

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Supply chain managers want to; in fact, need to, end their reliance on siloed legacy systems and using outdated, inefficient processes, like updating spreadsheets, and searching through email archives.

Consumer behavior is changing both radically, and quickly, so no one knows precisely what the next significant trend will be, or even what form it will take; whether it be a new sales channel, touch point, device, or business model. Supply chains must be agile, flexible and scalable to embrace emerging opportunities seamlessly, and there must be assurance that the technology behind each transaction will never grow stale.

These factors are what attracted both our customers and investors to us during our first year.

Access End-To-End Supply Chain Software Anytime Anywhere

We have built a suite of easy to use cloud based apps, that connect the entire supply chain from end-to-end, providing the architecture needed to break down data silos, offer a comprehensive view of all products and customers, and deliver a platform for sharing and collaboration between all supply chain partners. Our customers manage sourcing, supply, transport, inventory, and finance activities anywhere in the world from their computers, smartphones, and other mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

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Founded in Hong Kong, December 2014, Gravity Supply Chain Solutions opened offices in the U.K. and Australia, released our apps, and have grown our customer base without relying on the traditional approach to funding, all within just one year! Our staggered rounds of investment were linked to key milestones so our investors would only pay out after we achieved these. We didn’t miss one target.

Interest in our apps is high, and we are expanding our global footprint.

So “Happy Birthday!” to us… and now the hard work begins. We must continue to deliver on our promise to provide our users with a simple solution to help them more effectively and efficiently manage their complex and fragmented global supply chains.  

To learn more about how our supply chain apps can you help you take control of your supply chain, click here. 

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