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Levelling Up – the next step in achieving our mission

We are passionate about our mission to inspire the supply chains of today and tomorrow through technology here at Gravity Supply Chain. That’s why our recent partnership with Microsoft, one of the world’s leading tech companies, has us very excited, since it will reinforce our ability to digitally transform supply chains for the better.


The digital economy and the 24/7 consumer

“73% of global consumers stated that a positive customer experience is among the key factors that promoted their loyalty toward a brand.” - PwC

The world continues to speed into a digital economy age driven by you and me, the consumer. We are increasingly shopping online, and expect our desired items to be in stock 24/7, with multiple shipping options, little to no delivery cost, competitive pricing and total transparency into the delivery process. We no longer expect only good customer service, we want a great customer experience. In fact, a recent survey by PwC revealed that 73% of global consumers stated that a positive customer experience is among the key factors that promoted their loyalty toward a brand. It follows that if retailers and brands fail to meet the rising expectations of today’s always-on consumer, they risk extinction in the digital marketplace.

A tough ask. 

The evolution of the supply chain

Luckily the technology being utilized by those who serve the consumer is finally catching up with the technology being used by the consumer to shop, and no where do we see this more than in the supply chain, which is now finally becoming widely accepted as a competitive advantage rather than a traditional cost-center.

Today’s digital-enhanced supply chains are defined by speed, agility and transparency, which are exactly the properties needed to satisfy the expectations of digitally savvy consumers  



Gravity’s software provides retailers with accurate and real-time supply chain visibility with prescriptive analytics that support intelligent decision-making in relation to their entire sourcing, logistics and supply chain networks. This enables retailers to optimize their delivery processes, provide transparency as well as take action to mitigate supply chain disruptions before they even occur, thereby meeting the heightened expectations of their customers.

Gravity’s solutions moreover allow retailers to make product sourcing and shipping decisions closer to the point when the consumer purchases the item. This increases speed to market, allowing consumers to get exactly what they want as soon as they need it. However, faster speed to market could amplify shipping costs or product prices. But when using Gravity’s software these costs are actually offset in many ways, such as:

  • Higher sales throughput because products arrive on time, matching the latest trends consumers are seeking.
  • Fewer markdowns taken on products that are out of season, undesirable or obsolete.
  • Decreased “safety” stock tying up cash and taking up capacity in your stock rooms, warehouses and distribution centers.

And that brings me back to our partnership with Microsoft. We will be providing future-proof Software as a Service (SaaS) supply chain solutions through Microsoft’s Azure platform. By joining the Microsoft Partner Network as an Independent Software Vendor, Gravity is not just joining forces with the world-leader in cloud services, but with a company which understands the opportunity that exists in the digital transformation of the supply chain.


Leveraging the cloud, advanced analytics and machine learning solutions that Microsoft Azure provides, as well as co-marketing and selling to retailers who are either beginning, or already on their digital supply chain transformation journeys, we will be able to accelerate our ability to support our user community in serving their 24/7 digital consumer.

Level up indeed.

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