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APAC CIOOutlook Magazine Names Gravity a Top Logistics Tech Provider

Our company is growing so quickly, we’re all so busy, and I feel like we have just scratched the surface of how we can provide real-time visibility over today’s incredibly complex global supply chains. So we don’t often take time to appreciate just how much progress we’ve made. That’s what makes APAC CIOOutlook magazine’s announcement that it will include Gravity on its "Top 25 Logistics Technology Companies 2017" list so exciting and rewarding. It compels us to take a step back and bask in the immensely rewarding sense of pride over what we have done in such a short time.


The Selection Process

CIOOutlook will feature Gravity in the April 2017 issue, its special annual Logistics Technology edition that will cover industry trends, knowledge and advice on logistic technology solutions and services.

The editors evaluated approximately 950 logistics technology companies across the Asia Pacific region to identify those that offer the most innovative solutions, show great promise in serving customer needs, or are highly recommended by their current clients. They also considered input and feedback from the magazine’s advisory board comprised of CIOs and senior IT managers from midsize and large enterprises in APAC.  

Click here to view the April 2017 CIOOutlook Logistics Technology issue.

“Thank You!” Customers, Partners

The support we have received from our customers and partners has been, and continues to be, tremendous. It’s rewarding to know we’re making progress towards the goal established when Gravity was founded just over two years ago.

Gravity began as a collection of supply chain management industry veterans who wanted to help companies manage their supply chain and logistics operations efficiently. So many were relying on archaic internal software, spreadsheets and emails, even as the technologies consumers used every day were enabling them to be online and connected 24/7. Yet, the businesses serving those consumers – the retailers, brands, distributors, manufacturers and logistics companies – were still operating in what was effectively an ‘off-line’ world.

We set out to get all the suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, logistics companies, brands and retailers on the same page. That will enable them to quickly respond to any emergencies, and move products around the world faster and more efficiently.

Real Time Supply Chain Visibility

Our cloud-based platform enables businesses to connect with their business partners to deliver both upstream and downstream visibility - from inbound material flow from suppliers, to production, international transportation, and then outbound from distribution centres to customers. This allows entire supply networks to collaborate and share data in real time - improving visibility and access to information, and automating processes.

The Road Ahead

I’m happy to report that we’ve seen things really take off over the last six months, with new customers signing on, and new deployments taking place. Several of our customers and partners are now exploring how they can leverage our platform not just to dramatically improve customer service, but also to drive up sales and increase their revenues.

You could say that Gravity was founded to bring the supply chain management industry into the 21st century. I know we’re making progress towards that goal because we’ve been able to solve problems our customers didn’t think could be solved, at least not in a cost-effective manner. We’re helping them to rethink their supply chains and logistics services and what’s possible.

To learn more about why CIOOutlook decided we earned a place on its Top 25 list, schedule a short demonstration of the Gravity platform today. You’ll learn first-hand how we can help improve your productivity levels and create a significant competitive advantage for your business.

OK… that’s enough time spent patting ourselves on the back. Time to get back to work.


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