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3 Words to Summarize WCA World: Sustainability, Traceability, Visibility

Actually, I’ll add a fourth word to summarize the 9th WCA Worldwide Conference in Singapore last week: exhilarating.

We met with executives representing freight forwarders and 3PL companies from all over the world, and led many of them through a hands-on demo of the Gravity platform.
Dave-Graham_WCA-Worldwide-Conference-2.jpgFor nearly three years, we have been building our platform and adding new features and functionalities that enable logistics providers to help shippers manage their global supply chains. I know all that work has paid off when someone like Eric Ian Damerau with Hamburg-based Seabridge Transport GMBH tells me that he “hasn't seen any software that can touch the Gravity platform.”


Seabridge has been providing logistics services for more than 35 years, and has seen first-hand how globalization has created increasingly complex supply chains that span all the oceans and continents. It was the dominant issue during our meetings with WCA attendees. That compelled me to examine why shippers need real time visibility in my last post, “3 Lessons in Achieving Real Time Visibility from WCA First”.

Yet so many shippers continue to struggle with a lack of real time visibility, which inevitably leads to a lack of sustainability and a lack of traceability - unacceptable to an increasing number of their customers.

Smart executives like Mr. Damerau know this creates opportunity for freight forwarders and 3PL companies to grow their businesses by providing shippers with real time visibility. That’s where we can help.

Hanney-Seylim_WCA-Worldwide-Conference-1.jpgWe heard repeatedly from WCA Conference Week attendees that ease of integration with their in-house systems is high on their lists of requirements for any new technology they’re evaluating. Fortunately, we focused on making that a key differentiator for the Gravity platform from Day 1. Gravity is entirely cloud-based, so there’s no hardware or software to buy, install or maintain. We also eliminate the expensive licensing costs that have become so commonplace.

It was a great week at WCA First and WCA Worldwide, but maybe I’ll add a fifth word to summarize our experience: exhausting. I’ve lost count of the number of product demos we ran at our booth and all the meetings we attended, including during virtually all our meals!

But the feeling of exhilaration trumps the exhaustion, and our team is always ready to provide demos of our platform and answer your questions.

If you could not find the time to meet with us during the WCA events, or you did not make the trip to Singapore, we welcome the opportunity to provide you with an online demo as your schedule permits.

Simply follow this link to our online demonstration request form, and one of our representatives will get right back to you.

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