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Levelling Up – the next step in achieving our mission

By Founder and former COO

Aug. 21, 2018, 12:30 PM

We are passionate about our mission to inspire the supply chains of today and tomorrow through technology here at Gravity Supply Chain Solutions. That’s why our recent partnership with Microsoft, one...

Frictionless: Improve Friction Points In Your Supply Chain

By Founder and former COO

Nov. 7, 2017, 12:51 PM

In my previous blog post - “Frictionless: The New Supply Chain Competitive Advantage,” I wrote about the problem that Gravity Supply Chain Solutions has set out to solve – helping businesses deliver...

Frictionless: The New Supply Chain Competitive Advantage

By Founder and former COO

Nov. 1, 2017, 8:15 AM

Gravity Supply Chain Solutions hosted its first ever Community Day on Oct. 13, 2017, and it was a significant milestone for us as it’s something that we’d been aspiring to do since the early days of...

APAC CIOOutlook Magazine Names Gravity a Top Logistics Tech Provider

By Founder and former COO

Apr. 27, 2017, 11:30 AM

Our company continues to grow at an incredible speed! We are all extremely busy, yet I still feel like we have only just scratched the surface of how we can provide real time visibility over today’s...

In Today's Supply Chain, If It's Not Real Time It's Out-of-Date

By Founder and former COO

Oct. 14, 2016, 9:37 AM

There is so much real time data surrounding us in our daily lives. Wherever we are, and whatever the time, we are enriched with all manner of alerts, messages, tweets, and the likes, instantly...

Can End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Software Answer a "Good Question"?

By Founder and former COO

Sep. 14, 2016, 17:53 PM

An editor with Inbound Logistics recently asked me to provide an answer for the magazine’s regular “Good Question” feature: “Has supply chain impatience gotten out of hand?” My answer along with...

Tigers Global Logistics And Gravity Create Model for Overcoming 3PL Tech Obstacles

By Founder and former COO

Sep. 12, 2016, 10:12 AM

We’ve been devoting space in this blog to examining the factors behind the widening 3PL Technology Gap. Now, let’s take a look at how one 3PL will use the Gravity Supply Chain Solution apps to close...

How To Leverage The ROI Of Supply Chain Visibility

By Founder and former COO

Aug. 18, 2016, 15:01 PM

Success in business often comes down to basic arithmetic: excellent global supply chain execution + excellent customer service = beat the competitors. Want proof? Take a look at Gartner’s Annual Top...

Does Your OmniChannel Belong in the Cloud? (Hint: “Yes”)

By Founder and former COO

May. 31, 2016, 11:53 AM

Today’s consumers have the ability to purchase what they want whenever, however and wherever, putting them in total control of the market. With mobile and eCommerce on the rise, omnichannel...

Gravity Supply Chain Software Expands Its Operations To Australia

By Founder and former COO

Feb. 16, 2016, 15:59 PM

The Supply Chain Software Developer Expands Its Global Footprint

Untangling The Retail Supply Chain With Analytics

By Founder and former COO

Dec. 22, 2014, 14:48 PM

Retail supply chains have become longer, and more tangled than ever before. The complexity of the datasets, and the management of far-flung suppliers, coupled with high customer expectations around...

How SaaS Is Easing Supply Chain Pains

By Founder and former COO

Dec. 22, 2014, 14:23 PM

After decades of running their supply chains with internal enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, enterprises have seen the shift to a global economy and supply chain — requiring a myriad of...